Established in 1993, Canadian Thermal Dynamics, now Cantherm Distributors, became Biemmedue’s (BM2) first North American distributor for their Arcotherm line of portable heaters.

Arcotherm Heaters, manufactured in Italy by Biemmedue (BM2) and distributed in Canada and the United States by Cantherm Distributors, are professional-grade portable heaters built to keep you working regardless of the weather. These exceptional heaters are available in indirect-fired, radiant, and electric formats.

With portable heaters being among the most popular products throughout the winter months, it is critical that they operate at peak performance. When service or troubleshooting are required, fast and reliable technical service is a must. Cantherm strives to provide with that service either through a local dealer in your area or via remote tech support from Cantherm directly. Our warehouse is fully stocked with finished products, components, and spare parts ensure shipments of products and accessories within 24 hours after receipt of orders.

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portable heaters


Breadth of Product Offering

Arcotherm heaters are currently available in indirect-fired forced air and radiant formats in a total of five different series with BTU outputs ranging from 112,000 to 1,000,000 and operate on diesel/kerosene/jet fuel or propane/natural gas.

UL and CSA Approved

All Arcotherm heaters are UL and CSA approved for your safety and performance.


Arcotherm heaters can be fitted with many different accessories including, without limitation, adapters, ducting, thermostats, and external fuel tank kits.

Biemmedue Arcotherm Forced Air Space Heaters

Biemmedue (BM2) is a world leader in the professional portable heater market servicing many different industries including, without limitation, agriculture, aviation, construction, drilling, first responders, forestry, law enforcement, military, mining, oil & gas, painting & coating, remediation & restoration, rental, spray-foaming, trucking. All of our heaters are manufactured in Cherasco, Italy.

Biemmedue’s facility covers more than 250,000 sq ft, housing corporate offices, research & development space, state-of-the-art manufacturing & assembly facilities, testing labs, and warehouses. The Arcotherm heaters are designed and manufactured using innovative laser cutting systems, automatic shearing and punching lines, robotized welding lines, and an advanced epoxy powder coat painting facility. Products are assembled on modern automatic assembly lines.

For more than 25 years, BM2 has been developing its products specifically for the needs of the North American market. All heaters being distributed in Canada and the USA are UL and CSA approved. To ensure high quality standards, all of the supplied components, incoming material and manufactured items are strictly quality tested and controlled and every manufacturing step is compliant with the ISO 9001 quality control procedures.

Not only are production and quality at every stage of the process important to us: Biemmedue and Cantherm support our clients before, during and after the sale. Our customer service department can accommodate every need and request, and to propose specific solutions for the most diverse sectors of application. Our organization strives to ensure there is a direct line for training, installation, commissioning and maintaining all our products, for every one of our clients. These are some of the reasons that have now made Biemmedue one of the most important producers and manufacturers of portable heaters in the world today.